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Heartview Foundation: Recovery Kit

A web portal to help substance abuse patients achieve recovery.
Heartview Foundation: Recovery Kit

Heartview Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing post-recovery support for individuals who have completed their addiction treatment program. The foundation required a website portal that would enable their clients to continue their sobriety journey by providing a secure platform for communication, tracking progress, and accessing resources. The website would be used by approximately 250 participants and would be password-protected to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Coloring Outside the Lines Inc. was contracted to design and develop the website portal based on the specifications provided by Heartview Foundation.

We worked extensively on the full UX of this platform, starting with scoping and investigating users types and personas, then moving into a complete functional specifications and user interface design prior to coding the site with 3 user types (admin, counselor, and patient) with custom portals for each user.

Detailed Requirements:

  • General Website
  • Content Management System with an administrative section for updating content on predefined pages
  • Mobile responsive design for desktop, tablet, and mobile web browsers
  • SSL setup and guidance while working with SSL company
  • Design direction to mimic real-life feel using design elements such as notepaper, journals, sticky notes, reminder lists, etc.
  • Humanlike connection built into the design

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